Industrial Inspired Jewelry by ‘The Blue Hound’


The Blue Hound Jewelry Cuff BraceletsThe Blue Hound Jewelry-Spanish Tiles DesignsThe Blue Hound Jewelry-Oncu_Crushed Silver Bracelet

The Blue Hound Jewelry-Oncu NecklaceThe Blue Hound Jewelry-Carved RingsThe Blue Hound Jewelry-Tuareg Necklace

Simply said, I am a great fan of The Blue Hound Jewelry.

Every piece is unique and handcrafted by the talented duo, Joe Ieraci and Oncu Arslan.  Their jewelry line is created by using industrial and reclaimed elements with a vintage edge.

Brooklyn-based Oncu Arslan was trained as a filmmaker. He came to the world of jewelry design after his exposure to a friends vintage jewelry collection.  Joe Ieraci has extensive knowledge in premium denim products and comes from the worlds of fashion forecasting services.  Both are global travelers who scout beyond the vintage and salvage markets  around the world for their inspirations.

You can meet The Blue Hound designers every weekend at The Market NYC – Meatpacking District (328 West 14th Street).   I got a chance to chat with Joe about his work and inspiration.

1)  Pink Leaf Designs:  If the sky’s the limit, what piece of artwork would you create now?
Joe Ieraci:   Not looking at the sky, but something that would get me excited would be designing or creating a retail environment.  The idea of creating an extension of both product and personal space is interesting.  It’s the ultimate in sharing your vision with the consumer.

2)  Pink Leaf Designs:  Name a place/ a thing/ a person usually inspires your work?

The Blue Hound Jewelry_Spanish Tiles Design
Joe Ieraci:  It’s always changing, but revolves around travel.  For example, after traveling to Barcelona, I created a group around Spanish tiling…specially rooftop tiles.  Now I’m working on a small group based around some Ottoman pieces found in Istanbul.

3)  Pink Leaf Designs:  What LIVE celebrity would you like to send a piece of your work for FREE?
Joe Ieraci:   Hmmm, for pure hype, of course Lady Gaga but sadly, I don’t think our collection is Gaga’esque’!  Our collection is textural, industrial and vintage based so, for me, it’s a casual lifestyle brand…I’d love for any musician to wear our collection; Patti Smith, PJ Harvey or Steven Tyler.

4)  Pink Leaf Designs:  How do you get inspired?

The Blue Hound Jewelry_CuffsThe Blue Hound Jewelry_Carved Rings
Joe Ieraci:   Textures are key.  Also love anything that ages with character which is why visiting flea markets or salvage yards are great inspiration for me.  See the above silver rings  and cuffs are natural textures inspired by moving water.

5)  Pink Leaf Designs:  You get stuck designing, what do you do to get unstuck?
Joe Ieraci:   If I get stuck, I leave it alone; be it an hour or a day and I work on something else.

6)  Pink Leaf Designs:  Which music CD are you listening now?

Joe Ieraci:  PJ Harvey’s Let England Shake.

7)  Pink Leaf Designs:  Which piece of jewelry is your most favorite and why?
Joe Ieraci:   They are all my children….

8)  Pink Leaf Designs:  When did you first know you wanted to be a jewelry designer?
Joe Ieraci:  As with most things, I fell into it.  There was never a burning desire but as
opportunity presents itself, you take it.  Creative expression is creative expression.

9)  Pink Leaf Designs:  What’s in your tool box?
The Blue Hound Jewelry Designs

Joe Ieraci:   Chains, chains and more chains.  My Foredom flex shaft for sanding, drilling and polishing.  Pliers of all shape and size.  Silver, brass and bronze….wax for casting.  Steel wool (0000 is the finest you can get).  Hammers and mandrels for shaping rings and bracelets.

Get ready for your holiday shopping, stop by the Bryant Park Holiday Market (Oct. 27th, 2011 to Jan. 7th, 2012) and check out The Blue Hound Jewelry Collection!


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