Art Exhibtions Around Town – New York City


Museum FIT-Sporting Life-Fashion-Textile-Exhibit2011

Sporting Life 

May 25 – November 5, 2011

at the Fashion & Textile History Gallery /  The Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit-InfiniteJest-Caricature-deVinci-Levine

Infinite Jest: Caricature and Satire from Leonardo to Levine

September 13, 2011–March 4, 2012

The Metropolitan Museum of Art-exhibit_China Masterpieces Art

The Art of Dissent in 17th-Century China Masterpieces of Ming Loyalist Art from the Chih Lo Lou Collection
September 07, 2011–January 2, 2012

both at The Metropolitan Museum of Art


de Kooning: A Retrospective

September 18, 2011–January 9, 2012

at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)


Picasso’s Drawings, 1890–1921: Reinventing Tradition

October 4, 2011, through January 8, 2012

at The Frick Museum


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