Ooh-la-la French Lavender Silk Sachets



Sweet little treats directly from France. 

We are introducing our new French Lavender Sachets…Ooh-la-la!

These pretty little sachets take us back to the French countryside.  Filled with wonderful aromatic Lavender from Provence, France.  As you might know that the soothing power of Lavender which helps you to relax and de-stress.  Place the lavender sachets by your bedside for restful sleep, or they can purify your linen closets and drawers.  Perfect little luxury gift for all occasion…bridal shower, wedding party-gifts… or just indulge yourself!
Make them extra special and customized with Rhinestone Letters (LOVE)!

customize french lavender sachet bridal gifts with rhinestonesCheck them out at our shop—>

Did we also tell you that these lavender sachets are created with unique embroidery technique that  is a true homage to traditional French Textile Art?

  • Natural Silk Taffeta fabric is weaved on an antique 19th century textile loom
  •  Handcrafted ribbon embroidery on these sachets were created the same way in the 18th century to decorate dresses for the aristocratic women of the French Courts

Start your holiday shopping early…limited collection, while supplies last.


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