Bling Bling Your Flip-Flops


personalized rhinestone-bling-flip-flops for womenpersonalize-add-rhinestone-bling-flip-flops

Why settle with basic Flip-Flops that everyone has?

Embrace your feet with a new kind of comfortable style with these women Flip-Flops.  Spa comfort meets runway chic when wearing these flip flops with optional Rhinestone Charm additions — adding bling bling that accessorize your feet — turn your basic flip flops into stylish personalized Rhinestone footwear.  Select from a variety of Fun Prints or Solid Colors to suit your mood.

Express your own unique Fashionista style with our Flip-Flops by adding rhinestone charm-sliders in simple easy steps.  Here is how…

Pink Leopard Print Flip Flops_personalized rhinestone bling flip flopsadd-rhinestones-bling-flip-flopsPlatform Wedge_Zebra Print rhinestone bling flip flops

  • Pick a pair of Flip-Flops from our collection (Solids or Prints)
  • Select any LETTER, NUMBER, SIGNS or ICON-charms to spell out names, sport team, or favorite phrase-message.
  • Slide the rhinestone charms (we call them Sliders) on the buckle straps of the Flip-Flops.
  • Personalize the design any time you like.  Perfect for Spa and Bridal-Shower Party gifts!

Go ahead and add some sparkle bling to your feet. 

Let your Flip-Flops do the talking!
Start your holiday gift shopping here –>


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