How to Make Fashion Art Posters


handmade fashion designer artwork posters for home decor

I enjoy making fashion artwork collage.  With our digital world, I found handmade creation the most appealing.  I often love to incorporate recyclable materials and textile swatches to create dimensions to some of my original fashion sketches…layer by layer.

handmade fashion artwork collage_shop giclee prints postershandmade fashion poster art-gicleeprints-Morcohandmade artwork-fashion designer posters-highland

Most of my original fashion illustration art is created with mixed media – mainly in Gouache, color markers and pencils.  Each piece is hand made, then transferred to Giclee Printing as poster art for reproduction.  I often select from my collection of beautiful papers, vintage prints, and fabric swatches to add to the  collage.

Travels inspire me tremendously, learning from various cultures often gives me a fresh take to create new art – from the exotic Ikat patterns of Bali, to the rich and spicy color palette of Morocco, and Mexico.  The creative process tends to be intense, but I enjoy every step of the way.

  • The fashion figures are illustrated on white illustration paper.
  • Cut out the figures – place on black presentation board – sometimes leaving white area behind figures for contrasting effect.
  • Design background:  textile swatches, print artwork or trimmings are added to represent the design of the garment.  Some trimmings are created with hand embroidery or bead work.
  • Recyclable items are often used such as print patterns from other resource – I also like to customize these  prints by painting over them to create dimensions.
  • Place all the background elements around the fashion illustrations for final layout.  Giclee printing captures the details of the original artwork very well – only for fraction of the price.

For more Designer Art Poster collections, take a look at our Fashion Artwork.


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