Marlene C. Designs – Creativity on a 6″ x 5″ card





‘All art requires courage.’ ~ Anne Tucker.

As Paper Art/ Stationery Designer, Marlene Christophers of Marlene C. Designs goes by this quote.   She expresses her creativity on 3D Special Occasion Cake Cards.  Sharing her joy and love for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Marlene C. Designs have set up shop at Etsy (  Each handmade card is unique and embellished with the right amount of beauty and sparkle!  Check them out and you’ll discover what a 6″ x 5″ card of love is all about.

1)  Pink Leaf Designs:  When did you first know you wanted to be a paper art designer?

Marlene Christophers:   As a young fashion student in NY, I found myself in Soho NY browsing in boutiques and I found a very unique card shop (the type that you would only find in SoHo) with the most unique cards I have ever seen. That day I started my collection. I still have a recollection of a beautiful kimono card they had. I find it amazing how a beautiful card can produce such strong emotions in an individual. I draw my inspiration from nature, especially flowers and their colors.   One of my favorite quotes is ‘All art requires courage.’ by Anne Tucker.

2)  Pink Leaf Designs:  If the sky’s the limit, what type of cards would you create?

Marlene Christophers:  I would love to create a card that would cause anyone who saw it to feel happy; I would call it “Bliss.” Sounds naïve, but you said the sky’s the limit!

3)  PLD:  You have the artist’s block today, what do you do to get unstuck?

MC:  I have an obsession with all-over mini floral prints. I own a large amount of chintz prints—in pictures, on tea cups, and on fabrics. I just go through my collections and just look at them; it always does the trick. Royal Albert chintz prints are a source of inspiration for me!

4)  PLD:  What LIVE celebrity would you like to send your creation for FREE and why?

MC:  The first name that came to my mind was Martha Stewart! I would send them to her because her show has always been inspirational to me.

5)  PLD:  What obstacles did you face when starting up your business? Any new challenges when creating your design lines?

MC:  I constantly second guess myself, I think that’s I am my biggest obstacle. One of the challenges when creating a new design line is getting the word out there about them.

6)  PLD:  If you want to branch out your business, which stores / venue would you like to carry your products?

MC:  I would love to sell my designs in high-end wedding boutiques and stationery stores.  At this time, I sell through, but I see myself starting my own website in the near future.

7)  PLD:  What would you do differently for your products to stand up your competitions?

MC:  I would use Eco Friendly or Natural  Paper to stand out from the competition.

8)   Currently, you are selling to Etsy, what advice would you give to the newbies?

MC:  Be Patient!  Sales on Etsy are very slow right now, but my advice is to be patient and to believe in your creations!

9)  PLD:  Which music CD are you listening now?

MC:   I listen to a variety of music:  latin, jazz, and I love eighties music.

10)  PLD:  What’s in your tool box?


MC:  My work space is covered with boxes filled with paper flowers, card stock in a multitude of colors, ribbons, stones, lace, metal trims. It’s an organized mess.

11)  PLD:  What else would you like the readers know about your work and future business plans?

MC:  Creating these designs fills me joy and relaxation; to me it is the perfect therapy!  As for my plans for the near future, I’m planning on exhibiting my designs in an international wedding show here in Miami.

Connect at Marlene C. Designs (MarleneCDesigns) at Facebook.

For your holiday shopping, visit  Marlene C. Designs at Etsy ( !!


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