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For busy moms who are searching for heirloom quality clothing and accessories for their infants and toddlers, look no further and stop by Trendy Tykes.  Uniquely designed with whimsical embroidered motifs are the main focus of Lori Sadowski, owner & designer of Trendy Tykes.  She puts TLC in each creation of these outfits which fit today’s lifestyle, and quality your family can cherish for generations.  Any item can be special ordered upon request and you can personalize  many of the items for a special touch.

1)  Pink Leaf Designs: When did you first know you wanted to be a designer, and what are your inspirations?

Lori Sadowski of Trendy Tykes:   I knew I wanted to have my own children’s clothing business on after I had my first child 27 years ago. I loved making unique clothes for both my children. My inspirations come from searching various fabric designs and textures and imagining what wonderful creations they inspire. I also get inspiration from other artists in a wide variety of medias.

2)  Pink Leaf Designs:  If the sky’s the limit, what type of design/ artwork would you create?

Lori Sadowski of Trendy Tykes:  I would love to create a very expensive high quality line of children’s clothing for those unique and special occasions in a child’s (and a child’s mother’s life) life such as weddings, baptisms, holidays, etc.

3)  PLD:  You have the artist’s block today, what do you do to get unstuck?

LS:  I find the Internet as one means to get my creative juices flowing; there are so many options and inspirations. I often search online to discover what other artists are doing and the latest trends.

4)  PLD:  What LIVE celebrity would you like to send your creation for FREE and why?

LS:  I would send my Princess Playwear Jacket to Katie Holmes because Suri Cruise is such a fashionista. My Playwear line is made for very busy mothers to not only enable their children to look trendy but provide an opportunity to develop their imagination.

5)  PLD:  What obstacles did you face when starting up your business? Any new challenges when creating your product lines? What advice would you give to those who want to start their business in this difficult economic climate?

LS:  My biggest obstacle is time; having enough time in the day to do everything, it takes to run a successful online business on your own and create the next release of high quality items on a startup budget.  It’s always a new challenge when creating something new, For example, figuring out how to make quality fashions in the most efficient way so it’s becomes profitable and delivers an exceptional value for the customer. There are always tweaks to be made for every new product so it will be of the highest quality possible.

I would advise anyone starting a new business today to keep your operating budget small to start. and never give up. It’s really hard to get recognized among all the options and larger providers out there, but if you persevere, you will be successful.  Perseverance is most component to success.

6)  PLD:  If you want to branch out your business, which stores / venue would you like to carry your products?

LS:  I would like to have my products represented by stores that cater to customers where price is not the overriding issue in the customer’s decision.

7)  PLD:  What would you do differently for your products to stand apart from your competitions?

LS:  I produce handcrafted quality make with personal care. I realize that the products I make may become a treasured heirloom in some family’s lives. It may be shared from one generation to another. I make every product with this in mind.  My product is not mass-produced.  It is a piece of me. It is made one at a time with the love and passion I have for making as perfect as I can.

8)  PLD:  Which music CD are you listening now?
LS:  I listen to a vast number and varieties of music on my IPod, but a couple of my favorites are Johnny Lang and Lisa Stansfield.

9)  PLD:  What’s in your toolbox?

"Lori Sadowski Trendy Tykes_embroidery-machine""Lori Sadowski Trendy Tykes_toolbox-embroidery-threads"

LS:  Well I use a lot of software tools in the creation of the product. The greatest ones, however, are my sense of quality and style.

10)  PLD:  What else would you like the readers know about your work and future business plans?

LS:  I would love to add a brick and mortar shop some day in addition to my online business.  I plan on entering the Art shows in Oak Park, & IL. Saugatuck, MI that I will be applying for, but are not posted yet.

Get that special holiday gift for your little tykes, shop at Trendy Tykes (, and Etsy store.

Follow Trendy Tykes at Facebook, and Twitter.


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