Lick only No Biting – Stylish and Irresistible Jewelry by Debra Kallen


Being a Lampwork Artist and Jewelry Designer gives Debra Kallen the freedom to create unique glass beads. Torching fresh daily, she currently has 3 collections:

glass candy – lick only no biting!
glass berries – sweet berry kisses
glass chocolates – making the world sweeter one glass chocolate at a time

Contact Debra Kallen –

1) Pink Leaf Designs:  When did you first know you wanted to be a Glass Bead Jewelry Designer, and what are your inspirations?

Debra Kallen:  The freedom to recreate great moments from a childhood in a glass medium. Torching fresh daily, oxygen and propane is what fuels the flame which in return helps me create lampwork beads. Working with molten glass has the consistency of taffy. It has resistance as well as the pliability to create my

candy collection – lick only no biting!
berry collection – sweet berry kisses
chocolate collection – making the world sweeter one glass chocolate at a time

Here is the process in short form:

  • turn kiln on
  • dip 1/16 or bigger mandrel
  • flame on
  • pull glass for what I am working on for the day, pull stringers (thin pieces of glass pulled from bigger rods),or  make twisted canes before you start your bead. Wind glass onto mandrel, shape using many different tools, now would be the time you use pre-made stringers, twisted cane or pulled stringers to decorate the surface of your bead.
  • place in digitally controlled kiln, the bead needs to cool down slowly so the beads won’t crack. All beads need to be annealed for longevity.

2) Pink Leaf Designs: If the sky’s the limit, what piece of pet artwork would you create now?

Debra Kallen:  The sky is the limit! I would add to my candy collection because I love what I create now.

3) PLD: What LIVE celebrity would you like to send a piece of your artwork for FREE?

DK: Katy Perry! I would love for her to own every piece of my candy jewelry.

4) PLD: If you have your way, what famous and successful Pet Artist/ or other type of portrait artist would you like to be?

DK: I would love to be a famous and successful glass candy company/brands myself one day.

5) PLD: You get stuck creating art today, what do you do to get unstuck?

DK: I go to my favorite old-fashioned candy store and look at all the colors, shapes and textures to be inspired. The smells are wonderful as well. I would love to have smells accompany my glass candy collection one day.  As an artist I believe it is important to touch as many senses as possible.

6) PLD: Which music CD are you listening now?

DK: Katy Perry, California girls

7) PLD:  What obstacles did you face when starting up your business? Any new challenges when creating your art/product lines?

DK: Photography – taking pictures maintaining the color of the bead , having slight shadows and wanting a white background. I feel that candy is so colorful that it needs to be a pure white background fresh and clean

8) PLD: Which piece of artwork at your online / off-line store is your most favorite and why?

DK: My personal favorite is the glass candy collection and if I had to pick from the candy it would be the lollipop pendant , gummy bear and jellybean bracelet. The most popular is the lollipop pendant necklace.

9) PLD: What advise would you give to other Jewelry Artist newbies who wants to set up a new business store (online & off-line) during this difficult economic climate?

DK: My advice would be go for it! If you are passionate and love what you do, do it. Your passion will reflect in your business and you will be successful. Positive thoughts bring positive results.

10) PLD: What is in your tool box?

DK: There are a lot of goodies in my candy Pandora tool box, lol!

11) PLD: What else would you like the readers know about your work?

DK: My future business plans for marketing are contacting the biggest candy store in the world, don’t quote me on this. The biggest one in my world is Dlyan’s Candy store in New York. If anyone has suggestions for me I would be more than happy to hear your suggestions for marketing

Go ahead and check out these gorgeous and irresistible ‘yummy’ creations – shop at


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this interview! I love Debra’s work & own quite a few of the chocolates, jelly beans & berry beads (& a few coffee beans too).

    Angela x

    p.s I bet Katy Perry would LOVE Debra’s jewellery!

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