The World of Anna Sui


"Fashion Designer Anna Sui""Anna Sui FALL 2012 fashion week show"

When Anna Sui was four years old, she was already talking about becoming a designer.

‘I’m not exactly sure where I got this notion.  It was probably something I saw on television.  I always had it in mind that a designer had beautiful fabrics around her, and a big sketchbook, and would drape cloth around a mannequin, and go out to lunch.  It seemed like a very glamorous life….’

Anna Sui’s first fashion show for fall 1991 was one of the giant breakthroughs for her career.  She  suddenly started getting a lot of press notice internationally. The professional world of Anna Sui has gone global…and still counting.

  • Over 300 sales outlets in 30 countries
  • 50 boutiques/ shop n shops in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Dubai, Turkey,and USA
  • 27 accessory boutiques/ shop n shops in Taiwan, Korea, Honk Kong and China
  • 17 DOLLY GIRL by ANNA SUI shops in Japan
  • Over 350 ANNA SUI BEAUTY countries worldwide
  • In 2010, Anna launched her 1st book…her ‘Fairytale’ fragrance – ‘Forbidden Affair

Check out her Fall 2012 Runway Show on Facebook!

P.S. – Worth to mention about Anna Sui’s In-House Digital Photographer, Thomas Lau.

Anna Sui at New York City Office

Source:  Anna Sui, Thomas Lau,

Loud & Clear Media, Inc.


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