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9/11… A New York Memory



Misty Bridge

  • Original:  Acrylic paint on canvas
  • Art Size:  11″w X 14″h
  • Signed by artist / Made in USA
  • Nightfall in New York after 9/11.
  • An old broken bridge stands far beyond the city scene which represents our mood of that particular time.
  • Original (SOLD)

9/11….our New York memory at Pink Leaf Design Shop.


Artist Sorolla


artist-Sorolla-Museum-Madridpanish-artist-painter-SOROLLAspanish-artist-sorolla-museum-madridSPANISH-ARTIST-SOROLLA-MUSEUM_MADRIDSorolla Muesum_Madrid-artistsorolla-art-museum-gardenmadrid-art-museum_artist-SOROLLA

Inspiring trip to Madrid, Spain…to see one of our favorite artists, Joaquin Sorolla.

Tranquil garden, artist studio inside his museum-home filled with his artwork and collectibles…you can see still the artist’s paint brushes and easel.

Time stood still.

Artist Billy Almond – Update


Back in November 2011, we have introduced Billy Almond as of one of our featured artists. Since then, many exciting news took place.

Illustrator & Designer living and working in Lancashire, England, Billy Almond loves art at an early age.

  • studied Art & Design at Blackburn College and went to obtain an Honor’s Degree in  Scientific & Natural History Illustration at the Blackpool & Fylde College.
  • specializes in hand drawn illustration, computer based artwork,  and custom art and design.
  • his diversity in portfolio includes broadroom paintings to family portraits, pets, and landscapes.


artist-painter-Billy-Almond BILLY-ALMOND-ARTWORK-New-Zealand-Moeraki-BouldersBILLY-ALMOND-ART-StickerbombMonsters_3D_HighResCover





1) PinkLeafDesign:  What changes have taken place in your career since the last interview?

Billy Almond: It has been a very exciting, hectic time for me over the past year or so. My first son, Henry, was born on November 2nd 2012, we moved house and I started my PGCE teaching qualification last September so it has been difficult finding the time to produce and market my artwork on any great scale.

I have had work published on the opening credits of channel 4 show Vacation, vacation, vacation, which is available to see at

I donated a painting to Jordanian born Councillor Karimeh Foster Mayor of Blackburn with Darwen.  Who was invited to visit his Majesty King Abdulla as she is the only Jordanian women to achieve this position. I was asked to donate a piece of work as a gift for the King from the people of Darwen. The full story is available through this link.

I have had work published in the SRK’s Sticker bomb book Monster’s edition which is available in book stores all over the world and I have also started submitting work to the Manchester United Fanzine ‘Red News’.

2) PLD:  Name 2 to 3 new things/ lessons you have learned to promote your art business (excluding your new teaching job) since our last blog?

BA:  Marketing your work correctly is very important. When at college you develop a folder of work but are not given the marketing skills to back this up. You need to learn how to present, show and explain your art in a way that the client will find compelling. Convince them that your art is worth owning. Don’t be disheartened by knockbacks. Keep producing original artwork and sending it out. Be reliable.  Subscribe to newsletters such as Tate, Design week, Phaidon club and read them. Keep up to date with current art news and trends. Join and participate in online forums.

3) PLD:  For those artists who have a limited budget, what would you advise them to do to promote their artwork business?  If sky is the limit, what do you tell them to market their work?

BA:  Use social networking sites such as twitter and facebook to promote work. Email examples of work to prospective clients, art representatives and agencies. Create an online portfolio on websites such as Saatchi online, Behance network.

If the sky was the limit I would probably be sat painting on Venice beach right now. I would love to set up a city gallery chain all over the world. Giving local artists the facilities and opportunity to work, teach workshops and create a cross café, artist studio, art shop.

4)  PLD:  What’s trending to promote art in UK/ Europe for artist like yourself?

BA:  For artist like myself the Saatchi Gallery is an opportunity to get artwork on sale online at no cost to myself. The Saatchi Gallery provides a forum for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the UK. The gallery operates as a springboard for young artists to launch their careers. The AOI (Association of illustrators) protect illustrator’s rights and encourage professional standards. It promotes members work, has an online portfolio, gives portfolio advice and hosts a variety of workshops, exhibitions, seminars and events

5)  PLD:  What daily challenges you face when creating your art?

BA:   The main challenge I face when creating my artwork is finding the time and motivation to concentrate on and produce work to the standard that is needed.

Website –
Twitter – @billyalmondart
Facebook –
Blog –
Saatchi online – Artist Billy Almond – Saatchi Online

Turn Your KidArt to Plush Toy


"Pink Leaf Design Shop Blog_Trendy Tykes KidArt""Pink Leaf Design Shop Blog_Trendy Tykes KidArt Tshirt"

Our Featured Artist, Lori Sadowski of Trendy Tykes have some great new products on her eStore.  Cherish your child or grandchild’s favorite artwork she or he created into a special soft plush toy. Trendy Tykes will customize your item for one of a kind Made to Order.   If a customer wants something for less money then the plush toy, she can digitize the artwork and put it on a T-shirt…wearable art!

Additionally, Trendy Tykes will be offering the Fathers & Sons products to their Made to Match Collection; such as wonderful matching vests & ties.  As for moms & daughters, there are matching aprons using designer Amy Butler fabrics.

Meet Lori Sadowski of Trendy Tykes at the Randolph Street Market Indie Show in Chicago July 28th & 29th.

Pet Portrait Artist & Beyond – Monica Hickey


1) Pink Leaf Designs:  When did you first know you wanted to be a Pet Artist, and what are your inspirations?

Monica Hickey:  I started out painting pets as favor for my mother who wanted to give her close friends a portrait of their “baby”. It was such fun to capture the personality and essence of the pet and I had a great time painting, very cathartic.  All artwork is approximately 9” x 12”.

2) Pink Leaf Designs: If the sky’s the limit, what piece of pet artwork would you create now?

Monica Hickey: I would love to paint a huge collage of all sorts of images (pets, people, places, things) and use materials that I don’t usually implement i.e. wood, oils, fabrics and found objects.

3) PLD: Name a place/ a thing/ a person usually inspires your work?

MH: My family. I know it sounds trite but it’s true. My children love to see what I create and the look on their faces makes me proud.

4) PLD: What LIVE celebrity would you like to send a piece of your artwork for FREE?

MH: I choose any actor/actress who can’t stand the Kardashians–but seriously any actor who acts for the love of the craft not the desire for fame and money. Ian McKellen and Laura Linney are two of my favorites.

5) PLD: If you have your way, what famous and successful Pet Artist/ or other type of portrait artist would you like to be?

MH:  I would love to be an artist in the genre of Frida Kahlo. Her artwork (mostly self-portraits) is so passionate and personal. It is bright and colorful yet dark and sordid at the same time. She shows all the good and bad feelings we experience, her paintings are so very human. I would love to be able to open up and capture life the way that she was able to do.

6) PLD: You get stuck creating art today, what do you do to get unstuck?

MH: To get unstuck I always remove myself from the project to regain perspective and to come up with new inspiration so I… play with my children (ages 8 and 9), go for a walk/run with my dog Riley (Australian Shepherd) or talk on the phone to my sister.

7) PLD: Which music CD are you listening now?

MH: Currently- Mumford and Sons, soft but catchy. However, I like a very eclectic range of music. Echo and the Bunnymen is my favorite band of all time but Depeche Mode and NIN are also some bands I like.

8) PLD: Which piece of artwork at your online / off-line store is your most favorite and why?

MH: The portrait of my own dog Riley. He is almost 12 years old and is the most wonderful dog I have ever known. He is so full of enthusiasm and the portrait captures the love always  there in his eyes.

9) PLD: What advise would you give to other Pet Artist newbies who wants to setup a new business store (online & off-line) during this difficult economic climate?

MH: Everything worth having is always hard, but all the more worth the effort… do what you enjoy and then you will have no regrets. Just put yourself out there.

10) PLD: What is in your tool box?

MH: I paint at my kitchen counter (right in the hub of all activity) and I store my supplies in an antique armoire.

11) PLD: What else would you like the readers know about your work?

MH: My website is I use favorite photos to create the portraits (all the more personal since chosen by the buyer) and each piece is original, not to be resold.

Artist At A Young Age – Barbara Kelley of ‘Edges Of Art’


"featured artist interview with Pink-Leaf-Designs-Shop""featured artist Barbara-Kelley with Pink-Leaf-Designs-Shop""featured artist interview BLOG Pink-Leaf-Designs-Shop""featured artist interview Pink-Leaf-Designs-Shop-BLOG""featured artist Barbara-Kelley on BLOG Pink-Leaf-Designs-Shop""Pink-Leaf-Designs-Shop Blog""Blog Artists Pink-Leaf-Designs-Shop""featured artist interview BLOG of Pink-Leaf-Designs-Shop"

‘Barbara Kelley grew up in Charleston, West Virginia and has been creating art ever since her mother gave her a pencil and ream of manila paper to keep her quiet.  After completing a baccalaureate degree in architecture at the Miami University in Ohio, she transitioned into the fine arts, beginning in oil painting and then spilling over into watercolors.  Photography has become one of Barbara’s mediums for expression. With the unlimited potential of computer generated visual art in our digital world, she has fallen in love with altered photography.’ (source:

1) Pink Leaf Designs:  When did you first know you wanted to be artist and what are your inspirations?
Barbara Kelley:  I was quite young when my mother bought me “reams” of paper to draw on and I have never stopped.

2) Pink Leaf Designs:  If the sky’s the limit, what type of watercolor would you create?
Barbara Kelley:  Faces, lots of faces, as big as possible.

3) PLD:  You have the artist’s block today, what do you do to get unstuck?
BK:  Just paint and paint and paint and it is amazing what shows up sometimes.

4) PLD:  What LIVE celebrity would you like to send your creation for FREE and why?
BK:  Johnny Depp, his face can take on so many different facets.

5) PLD:  What obstacles did you face when starting up your business? Any new challenges when creating your art/product lines?

BK:  Getting the word out about my abilities.  I don’t focus on one thing
well. And , of course, the pricing end of business.  I have a tendency to
go low.

6) PLD:  If you want to branch out your business, which stores / venue would you like to carry your products?

BK:  I would like to get into mail-order catalogs with caricatures and
pencil sketches and perhaps have watercolor prints available.

7) PLD: What would you do differently for your products to stand up your competitions?

BK:  Nothing I do is very conventional, which is a blessing and a curse. My watercolor is not soft and flowing,  They are your face.

(8)  PLD:  What advise would you give to the newbies (fellow artists who want to turn their artwork to business)?

BK:  Follow your heart not the dollar, but stick with it.

9) PLD:  What’s in your tool box?

"featured artist interview with Barbar-Kelley for Pink-Leaf-Designs-Shop-BLOG"
BK:  Anything that might push or pull the paint, including toothbrushes, credit cards and best of all fingers.

11) PLD:  What else would you like the readers know about your work and future business plans?

BK:  I own a relatively new shop and am busy trying get it going.  It has
forced me to get into LinkedIn and Facebook while trying to work on my website (