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Artist Sorolla


artist-Sorolla-Museum-Madridpanish-artist-painter-SOROLLAspanish-artist-sorolla-museum-madridSPANISH-ARTIST-SOROLLA-MUSEUM_MADRIDSorolla Muesum_Madrid-artistsorolla-art-museum-gardenmadrid-art-museum_artist-SOROLLA

Inspiring trip to Madrid, Spain…to see one of our favorite artists, Joaquin Sorolla.

Tranquil garden, artist studio inside his museum-home filled with his artwork and collectibles…you can see still the artist’s paint brushes and easel.

Time stood still.


Artsy Hotel, Semiramis Athens


"semiramis-hotel-athens-artwork"" semiramis-hotel-athens-artwork_designer-karim-rashid""semiramis-hotel-athens-artwork-travel""semiramis-hotel-athens-artwork_karim-rashid-designs"

Art lovers meet travelers.

Surround yourself with art wherever you go. Hotels are sprouting up with cool decor and artwork collection.

Semiramis, Athens.

Admire Karim Rashid‘s modern design in techno color with a shot of Austin Power’s shagadelic!

Source:  Travel and Leisure, Semiramis Hotel