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Rising Talent – Fashion Designer Tanya Taylor




We are loving fashion designer, Tanya Taylor’s Spring 2014 at New York Fashion Week yesterday. Her electric color of bold geometric and feminine floral prints sent out a new modern look.  Paring with simple shapes and wearable layers are the answer to many women’s wardrobe. We want every piece from the collection.

Fresh and modern. Slip them on…effortless, chic and just pretty!

We will work the outfits in with the Limited Edition of handcrafted Lace Bib Necklace from Marbella Charles Jewelry… coming soon at the website: Pink Leaf Design Shop.

Source:  Trendland


Jewelry with a message by Marbella Charles


There is a new brand of jewelry in town…handmade with love in Hoboken!


Pink Leaf Design Shop is Introducing a small capsule collection of Marbella Charles Jewelry. A Limited Edition of a vintage-bohemian-chic inspired necklaces.  The unique pairings of mixed metals, unexpected materials and textures are the focal point of these distinctive jewelry pieces.

The artistry of Marbella Charles Jewelry is as cohesive and intricate as a jewelry lover’s life.  The process begins with the careful selection of charms, chains and findings that come together in a new, vintage chic way.  Careful attention is evident in the selection of gems and extensive hand beading that add an intimate feeling to unique designs.  Mixed metals and diverse materials that range from lace to shimmering beads, crystal, freshwater pearls and precious gemstones reflect the many facets of a woman’s life giving every design the ability to shine from day to night, weekday to weekend.  Marbella Charles Jewelry is all about Living Life Right through personal choice and upcycled style.  A carefully selected inspirational quote is included with each piece of jewelry to inspire customers to discover and celebrate their unique spirit.

Enjoy and get this special offerings at this month.

Personalized Rhinestone Pet-Collars


rhinestone-pet-dog-collars personalize-rhinestone-charm-dog-pet-collars mettallic-pink-rhinestone-dog-pet-collars

Dress up, personalize your kitty and pooch with our rhinestone charm pet collars.

Just add rhinestone bling-bling charms to Pet Collars in a variety of fun colors:   Metallic Pink, Silver Sparkle, and Wild Thing ….coming soon!

Handcrafted Wearable Art by Studio Tessere



Memorial weekend came and gone.

We managed to attend a couple of Arts & Craft Fair in Massachusetts. The Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton had a nice mix of handcrafted collection in textile and jewelry. Studio Tessere stood out the most to me for wonderful and stylish wearable art.

Studio Tessere (Italian for weaving studio) is a one-woman operation by Linda Senechal based in Boston, Massachusetts.

What I love about Senechal’s design is the combination of abstract patterns and beautiful color palettes. Her hand painted (dyed) and weaving techniques created some unique products that are perfect fitting as fashion gifts…a dreamweaver.

Express Your Personal Fashion Style


"personalize flip flops with rhinestone charms""zebra-print-flip-flops-rhinestone-platform-sandals""personalize rhinestone FLIP FLOPS""zebra print flip-flops with rhinestone LETTERS"

Show off your summer pedicure with a pair of stylish Flip-Flops. Personalize them. Express your fashion style. Accessorize your footwear.

…Just add Bling-Bling Charms. To create your unique style of expression. Pick a Rhinestone Letter, Number, or Symbol to add to your Flip-Flops.
Buckle Straps on the Flip Flops are adjustable.  Rhinestone Charms can slide on and off easily the straps, be your own footwear designer. Perfect for Spa-Party, Bridal Shower gifts and other occasions.