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Flip Over Flip-Flops


"personalized rhinestone flip flops with Pink-Ribbon""wedding bridal-gifts with Personalized-FLIP-FLOPS""pink-ribbon rhinestone flip-flops""customized Rhinestone Flip-Flops for wedding bridal gifts"

Warmer weather, easy dressing.  Nothing  beat a pair of casual footwear…flip-flops.

You can personalize with our Rhinestone Charms Flip-Flops collection…just add bling.



Diamond Ring Flip-Flops


"customized Rhinestone FLIP-FLOPS wedding bridal gifts""customized bridal-shower-gifts with Rhinestone Flip-Flops""wedding bridal-gifts with Personalized-FLIP-FLOPS""bridal-party-gifts with Customized Rhinestone FLIP-FLOPS"

Fall wedding season begins.

If you are looking for something unique for the bridal shower party gifts, customized rhinestone flip-flops for each bridesmaid make the perfect bridal-spa-party footwear. You can personalize their names on these flip-flops with Rhinestone Charms:  Letters, Numbers, Symbols or Danglers.

We are introducing the new ‘Diamond Ring’ Dangler for this special occasion.
Select from our solid and printed Flip-Flops, personalized and sparkle your bridal party!

Express Your Personal Fashion Style


"personalize flip flops with rhinestone charms""zebra-print-flip-flops-rhinestone-platform-sandals""personalize rhinestone FLIP FLOPS""zebra print flip-flops with rhinestone LETTERS"

Show off your summer pedicure with a pair of stylish Flip-Flops. Personalize them. Express your fashion style. Accessorize your footwear.

…Just add Bling-Bling Charms. To create your unique style of expression. Pick a Rhinestone Letter, Number, or Symbol to add to your Flip-Flops.
Buckle Straps on the Flip Flops are adjustable.  Rhinestone Charms can slide on and off easily the straps, be your own footwear designer. Perfect for Spa-Party, Bridal Shower gifts and other occasions.

Happy Holidays from Pink Leaf Designs-Shop


Happy Holidays and thank you for all  of your support!!

Some of our favorite holiday gift list:

‘Dream’ Charm Bracelet with an inspiring message:
‘It is never too late in the journey of life to follow your dreams.’

"inspirational jewelry-dream-charm-bracelets""handmade inspirational jewelry"

‘Ooh-la-la’ Luxury Silk French Lavender Sachets:

"luxury french lavender sachets gifts"

…pretty and aromatic…bring a little luxury and relaxation to your daily life!

‘Little Pup Pup’ – towel treats & party favors

"Little Pup Pup Towel Party Favors Gifts"


If you are a dog lover, then this fluffy ‘Towel Treat’ (whimsical way to fold towels to create beautiful gifts) will be your perfect wedding, or birthday favor.  Share this adorable puppy with your other dog lover friends.  This will definitely be the biggest hit at your party.

Fabulous Rhinestone Flip-Flops – Zebra Print Platform Wedge style

"zebra print platform wedge flip-flops with rhinestones"

…stylishly comfortable…take a break from your party high-heels...personalize them with Rhinestone Charms!

Limited Edition of our Artsy T-shirts & Scarves

"limited edition-artsy screenprint tshirts and scarves""fashion designer screenprinted scarves"

…unique and creative…show your artsy style!

Bling Bling Your Flip-Flops


personalized rhinestone-bling-flip-flops for womenpersonalize-add-rhinestone-bling-flip-flops

Why settle with basic Flip-Flops that everyone has?

Embrace your feet with a new kind of comfortable style with these women Flip-Flops.  Spa comfort meets runway chic when wearing these flip flops with optional Rhinestone Charm additions — adding bling bling that accessorize your feet — turn your basic flip flops into stylish personalized Rhinestone footwear.  Select from a variety of Fun Prints or Solid Colors to suit your mood.

Express your own unique Fashionista style with our Flip-Flops by adding rhinestone charm-sliders in simple easy steps.  Here is how…

Pink Leopard Print Flip Flops_personalized rhinestone bling flip flopsadd-rhinestones-bling-flip-flopsPlatform Wedge_Zebra Print rhinestone bling flip flops

  • Pick a pair of Flip-Flops from our collection (Solids or Prints)
  • Select any LETTER, NUMBER, SIGNS or ICON-charms to spell out names, sport team, or favorite phrase-message.
  • Slide the rhinestone charms (we call them Sliders) on the buckle straps of the Flip-Flops.
  • Personalize the design any time you like.  Perfect for Spa and Bridal-Shower Party gifts!

Go ahead and add some sparkle bling to your feet. 

Let your Flip-Flops do the talking!
Start your holiday gift shopping here –>

Welcome to Pink Leaf Design Shop


"designer-babywear-clothing-onesie-bodysuit""french-lavender-sachets for bridal and wedding gifts""towel-cake-party-wedding-favors-gifts"

Our art & design online store was created with the concept of merging fine art with fashion.  We offer a wonderful collection of original fashion sketches & illustrations, fine art paintings, and hand crafted collages for art lovers and gift givers.   A limited edition of these original artwork will be sold in Giclee printed posters.  Perfect for your home decor & wall art.

With our passion of handicrafts, our mission is to keep this dying art alive and create new hand made products each month to share with you.  Our small
collection of novelty graphic T-shirts and scarves are perfect for your fashion style.  You can also express yourself with our unique Flip-Flops and jewelry.  Personalize them with rhinestone charms for everyday wear or special occasions.

Limited edition of babywear, french sachets, and towel favors are the perfect gifts for baby shower and wedding parties.

Most products have been designed and handmade by a group of passionate artists and fashion designers who love to create beautiful things.

Take a tour of our design gift shop.  We know you will love what we do!