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Jewelry with a message by Marbella Charles


There is a new brand of jewelry in town…handmade with love in Hoboken!


Pink Leaf Design Shop is Introducing a small capsule collection of Marbella Charles Jewelry. A Limited Edition of a vintage-bohemian-chic inspired necklaces.  The unique pairings of mixed metals, unexpected materials and textures are the focal point of these distinctive jewelry pieces.

The artistry of Marbella Charles Jewelry is as cohesive and intricate as a jewelry lover’s life.  The process begins with the careful selection of charms, chains and findings that come together in a new, vintage chic way.  Careful attention is evident in the selection of gems and extensive hand beading that add an intimate feeling to unique designs.  Mixed metals and diverse materials that range from lace to shimmering beads, crystal, freshwater pearls and precious gemstones reflect the many facets of a woman’s life giving every design the ability to shine from day to night, weekday to weekend.  Marbella Charles Jewelry is all about Living Life Right through personal choice and upcycled style.  A carefully selected inspirational quote is included with each piece of jewelry to inspire customers to discover and celebrate their unique spirit.

Enjoy and get this special offerings at www.PinkLeafDesignShop.com this month.


Share the Story – Handmade Inspirational Jewelry by Praols


‘It is never too late in the journey of life to follow your dreams.’

‘A heart felt kiss and embrace can heal any wound.’

‘No matter what you say.  No matter what you do. You are unconditionally loved.’

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We are introducing a small selection of inspirational gifts ‘Praols Story Bracelets’ jewelry.  Voted as a Top Ten Sentiment Jewelry company by retailers across the USA (Gift Beat Magazine).

Their ‘Women Helping Women’ mission empowers stay-at-home-moms and low-income single mothers to earn a living by created unique hand-crafted jewelry collections.

Unlike most of the jewelry products out there, theirs are proudly handcrafted in the USA.  Each piece of jewelry comes with an inspirational message which are printed on recyclable paper.  Perfect way for you to ‘Share the Story’.